Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Gardening & Photography

Gardening & Photography

It´s been a few weeks since our last blog, as we´ve been majorly busy in the garden most weekends, and have also been designing some new collections to encompass silk, clay & wood. 

The vegetable patch and fruit cage are coming along really well, and there are plenty of strawberries under the netting, just waiting to ripen. The netting should stop the birds getting to them before we do!
We´ve had a glut of radishes and I´m picking spinach every day to go in salads and sauces. It´s great to grow your own :-).

I´ve been deadheading all the roses to promote new growth and blooms. We´re having such a good display this year, and I´m bringing a lot of flowers into the house for the vases too. 

We´ve also had a lovely show of opium poppies. I don´t recall there being quite so many last year, so the seed has obviously spread well and we´ve been given a great performance. I just love the rich pinks and purples of these gorgeous flowers.

We´ll post some more photos of the garden in the next blog. We´re taking so many shots at the moment, because the garden just seems to keep on giving :-).

If you´ve visited our site lately, you might have noticed that under the "Gallery" tab there are now two areas; one for "Clay, Silk & Wood", and the other for "Photography - Prints & Products". 
The photography section will take you to an area where you can buy our photos and have them put on various products. We´ve often been asked if some of our shots are for sale, so we thought we´d use the site to host them. We´ve had quite a bit of interest from customers in the USA.

Last week we sold "A Cut Above", one of our blended pieces. Its new owner is apparently very happy with it and it has been given pride of place in their recently redecorated bedroom :-).

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