Thursday, 14 March 2013


Ceramifications ...

I´ve had a few interesting bits and pieces emerge from my latest firing. 
There are always a few experimental projects that don´t turn out as you´d like them to, but, overall, I´m reasonably happy with some of the more off-the-wall ideas where glazes and designs are concerned.

It has been fun experimenting with glaze on the inside of some of my pieces as opposed to just considering how the outside of a piece should look.

Distressed edge bowl

Tealight holders

Some of my tealight holder designs have turned out ok, and I recently sold a few of these at the latest craft fair we attended.  

In an effort to get away from my over-used love of blue glazes, I´ve been playing with some oatmeal / bronzey glazes and using drip techniques to reasonably good effect. 

Stone / oatmeal effect dropped pod pot

Rustic, copper / bronze distressed bowl

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Just been spurtling about ...

Just been spurtling about ...

Simon has added a rather unique item to his range of beautiful wood-turned pieces ... a "spurtle"

Collection of spurtles

The definition of a spurtle:

Spurtle (spur-tl)

1. (Northern England & Scottish) a wooden stick for stirring porridge or similar thick substances
2. (obsolete) a flat kitchen tool used to turn food on a griddle or in a pan
3. (humorous) a sword

The collection here has been made from zebra wood and, although each piece is unique, the ends have been given a stylised thistle design. They are approx. 22 cm long and are totally food-safe, so you can indeed stir your porridge with them - after all, I think you´ll have some issues trying to use them as swords! 

Some have a heart design

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