Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Just been spurtling about ...

Just been spurtling about ...

Simon has added a rather unique item to his range of beautiful wood-turned pieces ... a "spurtle"

Collection of spurtles

The definition of a spurtle:

Spurtle (spur-tl)

1. (Northern England & Scottish) a wooden stick for stirring porridge or similar thick substances
2. (obsolete) a flat kitchen tool used to turn food on a griddle or in a pan
3. (humorous) a sword

The collection here has been made from zebra wood and, although each piece is unique, the ends have been given a stylised thistle design. They are approx. 22 cm long and are totally food-safe, so you can indeed stir your porridge with them - after all, I think you´ll have some issues trying to use them as swords! 

Some have a heart design

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  1. That wood is amazing. I had no idea which tree zebra wood came from so just Googled it to find it's from the Astronium graveolens which is apparently part of the cashew family. One really can learn something new everyday! Nice work Simon, keep up the spurtling.