Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Valentines Day ideas

As you are probably more than aware, because, let´s face it, the shops aren´t going to let you forget about it, Valentine´s Day is just around the corner. 

And maybe you don´t want to buy your loved one a gift that everyone else is going to be buying? Maybe you want a unique, special present? 

Rustic pink ceramic necklace

Well, with that in mind, we´ve put together a collection of pieces that would suit him or her this Valentine´s Day. 

If you pop in to our Blended Monkey Crafts shop, you´ll see a link at the top - simply click on the hearts and take a look. I´ve made some ceramic, rustic heart necklaces for this very occasion. The oatmeal ones are available from our Etsy site, and there are only a few left now, but the pink ones and some other bespoke gift ideas can be found in our Blended Monkey Crafts shop.   

Rustic oatmeal ceramic necklace

Have a really lovely, slushy and romantic Valentine´s Day!

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