Sunday, 31 December 2017

Artist Inspiration Days

Our home & studios are located in a small village on the Norfolk/Cambs border. When we moved here 3 years ago, the house & outbuildings needed a lot of love and care, but we were wowed by the beautiful garden. We had no idea that such a large, gorgeous garden was hidden behind the cottage.

The garden is such a gem that we think it is a real shame to keep it concealed from the public eye. Originally created by the previous owner, who was a ceramicist and artist, the garden has a number of little quirks and interesting hidden areas that provide great inspiration – it's a really arty venue. With two ponds, a boat, a little wooded area, a willow tunnel, a knot garden and a number of separate little garden sections, it boasts numerous vistas and interesting angles. Although there are some formal, established beds, we've ensured that plenty of the garden is still wild and rustic. The butterflies and bees love it! And we've spent many an hour taking photographs of its ever-changing seasonal views.

The garden provides us with great inspiration. My husband, Simon, is a woodturner, and his workshop looks out over the garden. I am a ceramicist and silk painter, and my pottery studio looks out over the hot garden which is located right next to the house. The constantly changing seasons in the garden have given me some great design ideas too.

We think art groups, drawing clubs and photography clubs would really enjoy a setting like this which offers so much inspiration. So, we're offering a 5-hour package for groups of 10 or more people to come and enjoy, draw, paint and wander. The gardens are totally private, so they have not been, and are not, open to the general public.

The package includes access to the entire garden, a rustic lunch served in the marquee at the bottom of the garden, and refreshments available to purchase. There are also toilet facilities. The garden offers various seating areas and we've also got a number of picnic blankets which can be used to sit on anywhere in the garden. We recommended booking from 10 am – 3 pm, as this will ensure the best possible lighting too. We would aim to serve lunch at 12.30 pm.

If your art or photography club is interested, please take a look at our Artist Inspiration Days page on our website for more information and photographs of the garden. 
phone us so we can arrange a date that suits and discuss any requirements.

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