Friday, 28 April 2017

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend!

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend!

Hopefully Simon & I will get the opportunity to grab a few hours in our respective studios this weekend as we´ve been given an extra day.

Simon´s working on some pieces that we can put on our new Etsy shop. We don´t really want to open it with just a few items, and we´d rather not take pieces out of our own online shop, so we´re both going to be fairly busy this weekend creating some more stuff 😊.

However, in order to get some more inspiration, we´ll be out and about too, depending on the weather, so I can take some photos (which I love doing) as reference for more pieces. The weather´s been pretty good to us today, although I haven´t had much of a chance to enjoy it, so here´s hoping it stays nice for the weekend too.

Simon & I have been working on designs for a new series of multimedia wall hangings which will include all three materials - clay, wood and silk. We´ll keep you posted ...

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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