Saturday, 15 April 2017

What a Lovely Spring Day!

It´s Been Such a Lovely Spring Day! 

We visited Ely farmers´ market and bought some lovely cheese from the Cheese & Pie Man along with our usual bag full of naughty breads and pastries from the "bread guy" (can´t remember the actual name of the stall, but we simply refer to the stall as the "bread guy"). 

We returned home and I managed to do a bit of gardening - potted on the tomato plants and planted out a few clematis plants I´d bought the other day ... 
Harry & Nutmeg (our German Shepherds) were interested in the whole process; too interested to be honest! 
If I´m not careful, and I don´t keep them both distracted by throwing toys for them to fetch, the second I turn my back Nutmeg will be "helping" me by pulling out the plants that I´ve so painstakingly planted - thanks Nutmeg! Not!

Simon spent a few hours in his workshop making a start on a new hollow form. He was roughing out a piece of yew when I poked my head round his workshop door. Looking forward to seeing the end result. 

I was able to grab half an hour or so in my studio too, and added some more underglazes to a piece I´m currently working on for the seascape range (doesn´t really look anything like it will look after firing - but this gives you an idea of the process). 
It´s going to take a while to finish this stage, as the design is quite intricate and I want to add a number of layers of glaze in various shades. 

The kiln is pretty much full, but I need to finish the underglazing on this bowl so I can add it to the top shelf where a space is patiently waiting for it ... and then I can finally bisque fire! Phew! 

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