Sunday, 7 May 2017

Our Curious Little Robin´s Nest

Our Curious Little Robin´s Nest

A few weeks ago I walked into my greenhouse/potting shed and went to move the pink metal watering can that´s hanging rather precariously from a small hook just inside the doorway - luckily I didn´t just grab it, because I saw that it had twigs poking out of the top.

Upon further scrutiny, I realised it contained a nest ...
and this nest was housing a, considering the circumstances, rather chilled looking robin who was peeking out at me with its beedy little eyes. She/He (we´ll go with "she" for ease) was hunkered down in a beautifully made mossy structure that she had evidently been creating beforehand without me even realising. 

However, in the weeks prior to this, I had noticed a little robin hanging around my greenhouse/potting shed. She would fly in and out while I was busily sowing seeds and potting up plants, and didn´t seem to mind my company. Although I would never have expected her to make a nest in my metal watering can that is suspended rather dangerously from a small hook right next to the door. 

Like most people, we have numerous robins in the garden, and they are renowned for their inquisitiveness. Quite often I´ll be digging or hoeing and will be overcome by the feeling that I´m being watched by something or someone ... I´ll look up and usually find that I´m being spied on by a little robin ... or sometimes two of them. They are, of course, waiting for me to dig up something yummy for them to eat; or they´ll hang around the compost heap to see what delights I might be throwing on it.

So, without further ado, we moved the wildlife camera that we usually have out in the main garden and have positioned it on the staging opposite the opening to the watering can. 
We´ve counted around six little beaks opening when we´ve had a peek inside, but we´re always very careful to keep our distance.

Over the past week we´ve caught various bits of footage, including this snippet here where the robin does a little loop before flying off to get food and then returning with it.

We´ll keep you posted on the progress of the baby robins. We´re just hoping that mummy robin hasn´t made a poor choice in terms of the location - as it gets quite hot in that metal watering can and it can also get buffeted around when it´s windy.  

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