Friday, 5 May 2017

Successful Firing

Successful Firing 

The recently biscuit-fired pieces have now been subjected to a 1250°C glaze firing, and the results are fairly good.

Pleasing glaze "accident" - crystalline effect from glass beads I dropped
onto the glaze prior to firing

You never quite know how a firing is going to go - it´s always a bit of a nerve-racking experience!

Most of the pieces were originally underglazed in the biscuit firing and then provided with a transparent glaze for this final firing; and a few of the pieces had not been underglazed and were coated with glazes after they had been biscuit fired. 

The process in pictures:

Mixing the glaze
Applying the glaze
Glazed pieces in the kiln

Setting the kiln

Kiln closed & ready

Really pleased with my
"seascape" piece